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Garden Highlights

BULBS: Anemone blanda, Erythronium spp. (dog-tooth voilet or fawn lily), Frittilaria imperialis, Muscari spp. (grape hyacinth), Narcisses spp. (daffodil), Puschkinia scilloides, Scilla spp, Trillium, Tulipa spp. (tulips)

PERENNIALS: Alyssum montanum, Anemone pulsatilla (pasque flower), Aubretia deltoidea, bellis perennis (english daisy), bergenia spp., Dicentra spp. (bleeding heart), Epimedium (barrenwort), helleborus orientalis (lenten rose), Myosotis spp. (forget-me-not), omphaloides (navelwort), polygonatum x hybridum (solomon's seal), pulmonaria (lungwort), sanguinaria canadensis(bloodroot)

CLIMBERS: Clematis alpina, Clematis armandii (evergreen clematis)

SHRUBS: Berberis darwinii, Camellia japinica, Chaemomeles spp. (japanese flowering quince), Cytisus praecox (broom), daphne cneorum (garland daphne), exochodora spp. (pearlbush), kerria japonica, magnolia stellata (star magnolia), osmanthus x burkwoodii, O. delavayi, rhododendron spp. and hybrids (rhodos and azaleas), spirea x arguta (bridal wreath), viburnum spp.

TREES: Magnolia denudata, M. soulangeana, malus spp. (flowering crabapple), Prunus spp. (flowering cherry)


Annuals, perennials and bulbs

• deadhead daffodils but leave seed pods on squills and grape hyacinths to seed themselves. Don't remove foliage until it has turned yellow. Feed with fish fertlizer
• divide up primroses and polyanthus after flowering
• edge flower beds, weed well and check carefully for invading pests and diseases
• stake perennials that need it and mulch perennials if not already done
• continue to sow seeds of hardy annuals in ground

Trees, Shrubs and Climbers

• rose pruning should be completed by the beginning of the month. Mulch with muchroom manure or well-rotted compost. Check for aphids and rub off, or use an insecticidal soap
• prune early blooming deciduous shrubs, such as forsythia, after flowering
• shear winter flowering heathers after flowering
• continue planting trees and shrubs
• evergreen and conifer hedges can be clipped now
• check vines growing on house to make sure they are not invading window frames or working their way under gutters and shingles

Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs

• April 1 -15, plant early potatoes, green onions, bulb onions, kohlrabi, cabbage and leeks
• April 16 -30, sow beets, carrots, swiss chard, broccoli, cauliflower, parsnip, kale and lettuce. Sow out earlier sown vegetables from the cold frame
• sow zucchinim cucumbers and tomatoes indoors in a sunny window or a cold frame.
• keep vegetable garden well weeded, and keep a look out for signs of pests and diseases
• plant new strawberry plants and feed established plants

Lawns and general garden activities

• continue preparing new lawns and repairing worn patches on existing ones.The first three lawn mowings should be done with the blade set higer than usual
• start planting water plants in ponds
• turn compost and keep it moist.








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