Annuals and Perennials

Annuals start arriving at the garden centre mid-April

Old fashioned to brand new varieties there are too many to list.
Arriving on a weekly basis, during the Spring season we carry every colour shape and size you can think of. Supertunias, million bells, heliotrope, petunias, geraniums, marigolds, verbena, bacopa, lobelia just to name a few.

What is an annual?

A plant that grows for one season giving you a mass of colour, fragrance, and beauty. From leafy to grass like foliage, these plants provide interest throughout the spring and summer until they can’t handle the cold any more.

Perennials – So many it is hard to keep up, and they are constantly changing

Perennials are plants that generally live for several years, though some are longer lived than others. There are herbaceous, deciduous and evergreen perennials.

• Herbaceous perennials do not develop woody stems and die back to the ground every year.
• Deciduous perennials consist of plants that have woody stems and lose their leaves every year.
• Evergreens are just that – they keep their leaves throughout the year.

We carry a large selection of perennials including shade plants, making it easy for anyone living in shady areas to have an interesting and exciting garden. You would be amazed at all of the shade plants out there!
A wide variety of sun, shade and ground covers, makes your shopping experience one we hope is very successful.

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