Feeding your plants is like feeding your body. We all need vitamins and nutrients to grow strong and healthy and your plants are the same way. And, just as there are different vitamins for different parts of our body, there are different fertilizers for different plants and different growth habits.

As a Canada Nurseryland member, we’re able to offer you a full line of professional fertilizers from Nurseryland as well as other complimentary companies such as Miracle Gro, Schultz and GardenPro.

We also carry a selection of organic fertilizers from Orgunique and Gaia Green, GardenPro and Myke.

All purpose fertlizer

Nurseryland Vegetable, Flower & Garden
Nurseryland designed this powerful all purpose formula to reduce waste and provide an organic-based balanced diet for your garden. Regardless of your crop: veggies, flowers, trees, and/or shrubs, Nurseryland Flower & Garden Food is the all-purpose answer to satisfy your plants! This professional quality fertilizer packs a big punch – just sprinkle around your new or existing plantings every 6-8 weeks during the growing season!

Rhododendron and Azalea Fertlizer

Nurseryland’s Rhododendron and Azalea food is an organically-based fertilizer with stabilized Nitrogen. This formula includes trace elements essential to root growth and allows for better flower colour and contrast. Not just for Rhodo’s and Azaleas…use this formula on any acid-loving plants including Hydrangeas, Skimmia, Pieris, Viburnums, etc!

Use Nurseryland Tomato Food to help promote healthy plants and higher yields. Alongside an N-P-K specifically designed for professional tomato grower results, Calcium sets this fertilizer apart from the rest and will provide your tomatoes with the ideal nutrients to grow abundant and fully-formed fruit. This slow-release format means your plant will be getting a bite to eat every time you water! Simply spread 30g (2 tbsp) around the base of the plant once a month until harvest. Use in tandem with Nurseryland’s Liquid Tomato Food format for bumper crops!

Seed Starter Fertlizer

Use Nurseryland’s Seed and Sod Starter organic-based formula simultaneously while laying fresh seed or sod – it won’t burn! Great for applying to damaged lawns or early in spring to promote strong root-growth! The slow-release fertilizer coating ensures that nutrients will be available as the seed matures and after the sod has begun to root-out.

Bone Meal

Bone Meal is an organic fertilizer that has been used since the dawn of agriculture. Its longevity is based on results: the elemental makeup translates into strong roots, and its gradual breakdown gives your plants plenty of time to tap into its potent (yet cool) nutrient reserves. Bonemeal is a long-term solution for reducing transplant shock and providing essential and organic nutrients throughout the growing season! Either till into the soil of new garden beds and container mixes or pour into the hole of any plant you’re transplanting.


Perhaps the most versatile product in Nurseryland’s product list, Transplanter is a concentrated kelp manna (like an energy drink for roots), designed to accelerate and promote rapid root production – a critical process any time a plant is moved or damaged. Transplanter is effective at reducing transplant shock from seedling veggies and flowers to large shrubs and trees.

Rose Fertilizer

This organic-based fertilizer is a recipe that will have your roses radiating! Nurseryland Rose combines a stabilized nitrogen (for longer feeding) release, a great big punch of Phosphorus and Potassium, and important trace elements. This ensures that you’ll see (and smell) large, abundant, beautiful blooms! Throw a handful under your roses every 4 weeks from April-July.

Evergreen Food

Professional quality evergreen, tree, and hedge fertilizer with 2% iron for quick greening. This fast-acting water soluble plant food will start kicking out rich green growth in no time! Apply every 7-14 days during the growing season for awesome results. In colder regions use from early spring to the beginning of August.

Perennial & Vine Food

Our Perennial and Vine formula is designed to focus the energy where you want it: on the show! Let your perennials and vines show-off. Provide this organic-based fertilizer and you’ll promote rich green foliage, plant health, and your best blooms yet! For great results apply every 6 weeks until late August.

Container Slow Release Food

One of the easiest and most effective fertilizers you’ll ever use! This very slow-release fertilizer is perfect for hanging baskets, indoor plants, and container gardening, giving your plants something to munch on every time you water for up to 4 months!

All Purpose 20-20-20

Complete, fast-acting nutrition for vigorous growth on all types of plants. Use on potted plants (indoor and out), hanging baskets, and ornamental trees and shrubs. This balanced all-purpose analysis is a powerful formula that can be used to promote healthy growth on any plant in your garden!

Power Bloom

Let’s give ’em a show! Mix Power Bloom in your watering can every 10-14 days and stand back! Your hanging baskets, planters, and even indoor flowering plants will look as though they have more flowers than foliage! Use this fast-acting water soluble fertilizer with a huge kick of phosphorus and potassium.

Organic Fertilizers

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