House plants

House Plants Galore!

A 1000 square foot greenhouse loaded with a selection of low light, bright light, flowering and upright or trailing house plants. New plants arrive regularly so make sure to check back and discover that perfect plant.

As well as the perfect plant, we carry everything you need to take care of your new addition: fertilizers, indoor potting soil, decorative containers and more.

Fiddleleaf Fig

Foliage Houseplants

Whether it’s ruffles and spikes or variegated patterns and pink foliage, houseplants with interesting leaves are a good way to add visual interest to a room.


Low Light Houseplants

Not all of us are lucky to have rooms full of bright light. Don’t worry – you can still have plants to accent your space. Cast Iron plants, ZZ Plants and Sanseverias to name a few.

Flowering Houseplants

Watering tips

With most plants, you should water when the soil feels dry to the touch. You can gently stick your finger (up to the knuckle or so) in the soil to see how dry it is. For water lovers, water when the surface is dry; for succulents and drier plants, water when most of the soil feels dry.

If the potting medium is really dry, it has a harder time absorbing the water – so if water runs out the bottom surprisingly quickly, it is probably passing right through. In this case, give the plant a long, slow drink to allow the soil to absorb it.

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