Pest control

You know that nasty little bug that comes and attacks your plants? 
There are solutions!

Depending on your problem there is a variety of controls, natural or otherwise, to choose from. When coming in, please bring a sample of the infested leaf or branch enclosed in a Tupperware or sealed plastic bag, so that we may clearly identify the problem and help find the right solution for you.

Natural Pest Control

Ladybugs in the garden provide a natural way of helping to eliminate aphids, a pest that we are all familiar with. Releasing the ladybugs at night, in the cool air and giving them a light mist with water will wake them up. As long as there is a food source around, the ladybugs will stay. Weevils you say! Nematodes are the answer. Tiny little things that grow in your soil, and help to keep that weevil population down to a minimum.

Weeds are a pest as well! Some people say that a weed is an unwanted plant. From bamboo to dandelions there is something you can do about it. Just ask – we’ll help you find a solution.

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