Pottery Picks

The most important thing to take into consideration while choosing a container is how functional it is for the plant. Adequate size and drainage should always be a priority. If you are unsure of the correct dimensions or material necessary to sustain your container garden, our friendly staff are always available to assist you.

Choosing the right style

Ceramic pots

The right container for your garden is one that will enhance the contained plants or in the location in which they are displayed. If you are accenting a front entryway, choose the pottery that will accent your home. If functionality is the goal, then the material of the container is more important. Whatever you decide to choose, your container can be a reflection of your personal taste.

Choosing the right material

Lightweight Pots

Choosing the right material. Some materials used for containers are more porous than others. Materials like terra-cotta and wood allow better air circulation and enable the root system to breathe. However, with a more porous material, the soil may dry out faster need to be monitored for watering more often. Materials like glazed terra-cotta and plastic hold soil moisture better, yet drainage may not be as efficient. Adequate drainage holes must be present in such containers.

In order to ensure healthy roots, soil must drain properly. If soil is too dense or if a blocked drainage hole can cause water to collect at the bottom. When choosing your container, it is imperative to look for drainage holes. If they are not present, holes can be easily made in some containers

Choosing the right size

Rustic Pots

A container that is too small will constrict the roots and not allow root system development. A container that is too large may leave the extra soil too wet and prevent drainage.

We are always on the lookout for interesting pots to compliment the look of your home and plant. From small to medium to large, we can help you find just what you are looking for.

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